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6 Ways to Maximize eCommerce Holiday Sales

The holiday season is right upon us, but this year it is expected to be vastly different than any in recent memories. COVID-19 has severely restricted in-person events as more and more people have flocked to online channels for shopping, interacting with friends and family, entertainment and more.

Already eCommerce sales are up 37% in Q3 according to US Census Bureau and the eCommerce revenues are expected to surge even further in Q4. Another unique aspect this year is that the buying duration is expected to be spread out throughout the holiday season up to the end of the year v.s. concentrated around Thanksgiving, partly due to the proliferation of eCommerce, and customers preferring to have goods shipped directly to the gifted.

Here is how you can make the most of this holiday season beyond Thanksgiving and set yourself up for success long term.

1.Spruce up Product Listings

Think of your product listings as the salesperson in the store. The listings are the method to communicate the best about your product to your customers. Ensure that product listings have

a) Descriptive titles

b) Detailed descriptions

c) At least 4-5 good photos of the product

Whether you are selling on eCommerce marketplaces or on your website, having detailed product listings not only help customers make decisions fast but also drives SEO from Google and search pages of marketplaces as they heavily rely on the content in the product descriptions for ranking.

You can use Google trends and products like Bewgle to understand what and how customers search for products in your category and include those keywords for more visibility.

2. Collect Reviews Early

Over 90% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. It is well understood that reviews provide social proof and help increase conversions. Reviews also heavily influence product rankings in eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart etc as well as drive more traffic from Google.

Especially for your new products that may have been launched recently, it is very important to get those early reviews. Using Bewgle, you can automate getting reviews for your site not just via email but also SMS for higher review rates leveraging AI for deeper insights. For Amazon and other eCommerce sites, maximize reviews early via Request reviews options, customer messages, and Amazon approved email templates for higher review rates.

3. Monitor Reviews

It is also important to monitor reviews on an on-going basis to ensure the negative feedback is addressed and positive feedback is amplified. Using products like Bewgle, aggregate all your reviews in one Centralized location from eCommerce sites and your website to track ratings, trends, and get alerts for negative feedback to prioritize timely actions.

It is also essential to keep a tab on emerging trends and wishlists to adapt the product or service based on what is working with customers and what is not. Bewgle can help you identify customer satisfaction with the product, delivery, or service features at scale at the click of a button and make improvements accordingly

4. Build FAQs and Answer Questions

Customers may have questions about the product and may drop off from the purchase cycle if they do not get adequate information. Build FAQs of commonly asked questions using products like Bewgle which can mine reviews to identify top questions or concerns customers have and include them in the product listings both on your website and in the eCommerce listings will give you a leg up.

Monitor questions customers are asking in your product listings and answer open questions to ensure that the customer gets the most accurate information from you.

5. Communicate Early and Often

This time around, there has a been a surge of novice eCommerce buyers. Whether it is order updates or shipping delays, it is important to communicate the status upfront so that customer is not surprised. Offering discounts for delays will help alleviate customer surprises and build loyalty. A customer messaging platform can help you to engage your customers in real-time.

6.Keep an eye on the returns

In eCommerce, the not-so-often spoken-about problem is customer returns. Customer returns can be as high as 30% in some categories and can be a drain on resources for shipping costs, restocking and processing refunds.

Hence it becomes even more important to understand the reasons for returns and address them ASAP. Using Bewgle, you can analyze return reasons and reviews to understand the drivers of customer dissatisfaction – whether it is gaps in product information, packaging issues, product quality, etc and address it accordingly.

2020 has been hard for many businesses. However, this holiday season can turn it around for you.

Our team is here to partner with you to help you make the best of this holiday season. It is not too late. Contact us today at info@bewgle.com.

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