Whats on your customer’s mind?

Customer obsession has become the mantra for Brands and Companies.

Understanding your customer — the expressed and unspoken needs, what they like and dislike about the product and the competition in the market is imperative to the success of the company. Companies spend billions of dollars in market research (Global market research industry is worth $76 billion1 with US leading the spend) and customer analytics software (expected to be $7 billion globally by 2023 ) to get a deeper understanding of their customers.

However, one area which is frequently overlooked are the insights in customer verbatim. Customers express what frustrates them, what delights them and what they would like in a variety of ways. These could be in social media, where they love or rant about their experiences, in reviews in eCommerce platforms in the review text/details they have written beyond the rating, in NPS/ Feedback forms as comments, in chat/phone conversations with support, in videos etc. The variety of data in just text format spanning from colloquial English to other languages, using shortcuts and emoticons and variations like sarcasm and the scale and sources of data make it extremely hard to get meaningful insights. Building army of employees to read and categorize the discussions is not scalable. Getting primitive view of the sentiment of the conversation or comment is not enough. Requiring users to enter the keywords for monitoring essentially leaves tremendous value on the table on topics the business user is not aware.

This is the problem we are solving at Bewgle.

Using the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Bewgle’s Lumens platform ingests data from reviews, social comments, product descriptions, news articles, support tickets and transcribed conversations to identify key topics that the customer is concerned about. The platforms allows the user to explore the sub topics and context through drill downs to actual content and understand the adjectives/ sentiments used to describe the product/ service in the context of the topic. In addition, the platform provides rating by topic, which helps deeper understanding of measure of satisfaction and ability to compare products to understand how the product/service/brand stacks against competition. With powerful charting tools capturing emerging trends and visualizations enabling segmentations, Lumens platform has proven to save 48–56 hours of primary research and manual work and quickly get an understanding of the category and products with 2–3 hours of effort.

If you are struggling to make sense of your customer feedback beyond just the simple ratings and get a deeper understanding of what is important to them, talk to us at info@bewgle.com

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