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At Bewgle, we have been talking with a lot of product managers and brand marketing executives. Often when we talk about reading reviews, there are a lot of parallels drawn with social media monitoring. However, the truth of these are quite different. Let’s explore some of the key differences.

  1. Context. Most reviews are written by users of your product who are specifically writing about their experience using the product. On Social Media, the context is often missing. Take a look at some of the results for BMW for instance and tell me how many of those are actually talking about the usage of a BMW vehicle.

2. Volume. On noisy Social Media you want your brand to be the talk-of-the-town. It doesn’t matter what they are talking about, as long as you are ‘trending’. Social media influencers are the new broadcasters, and what you really want is the message to be louder. In the reviews world, it’s not so much about the volume, it’s about the quality. We touched upon this in this post as well.

3. Learning. At the end of the day, social media is chatter and most of it is just casual conversations. Brands rightly care about engaging on social media and this is the new-age polite behaviour. You become ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’ on social media, and this fame lasts the proverbial 15 minutes. Most social media content is small sentences with knee jerk reactions. With reviews it is the opposite. Reviews last much longer, affect purchasing decisions and contain denser content.

You simply can’t apply social media monitoring tools to reviews! Don’t make social media monitoring a substitute for reviews. Reviews reveal far more about your users – what they like, what they don’t, how they use it, how you stack up against your competition, how you can improve the product and what factors really matter to buyers.

Would you like to read millions of reviews out there but can’t afford to waste time? Talk to us about how Bewgle’s artificial intelligence can help you.

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