Bewgle meets CMOs at Mad Minds 2017

The 4th Rethink! MAD Minds 2017 was held in Hamburg this week. It is the premier networking hub for CMOs and marketing executives to stay on top of innovation in digital marketing. Over 150 CMOs were in attendance at the prestigious event this year.

Bewgle was at Mad Minds and pitched its offering on the main stage. Presenting our offering to CMOs has been a highly educational experience.

A few key learnings from the CMOs we met (large and small both!)

  1. Some of the best products we love and use everyday are made by small manufacturers. However, these small manufacturers are not well informed about the end customers’ experience with their products and there are no tools to serve this information gap efficiently.
  2. What is more, all CMOs demand to know how the end consumers perceive their competitors and again, this is an unmet need. Running a business is becoming more and more competitive and keeping an eye on your competition is imperative. How do customers compare your product against your competitors?
  3. For these businesses, the marketing messages around their products are not very clearly defined. Sure, the messages highlight the key features of their products, but these are not kept in sync with what the customers are saying and demanding. And what tools exist today to figure out the disconnect between the marketing messages and the customers’ revealed preferences?

We at Bewgle believe that these issues can be solved with data that is already out there — reviews. However, it is really difficult to comprehend the data in reviews at scale and that is why we’re trying to save their valuable time and effort by delivering insights from their reviews. Talk to us to know more about how we can help you understand your customers better.

Finally, many thanks to Dr Bastian Halecker for arranging our talk! Also a shout out to the fine friends at RefineAI who gave a great presentation!

What are some things that you think apply to the CMOs you know?

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