What SAP employees love about SAP

Fortune names SAP as one of the world’s best companies to work for. There’s a really detailed analysis of SAP highlighting the key factors that contribute to the ratings.

Glassdoor, the top site for employee reviews, names Bill McDermott the CEO of SAP as one of the top rated CEO in the world.

You can read the 6,500 reviews which will take about 10hrs to read (and unsure how long it would take to process!). Bewgle processed a handful of those to determine what are the key topics that employees value about SAP. Here’s a quick analysis:

So there you go, the bird’s eye view of what employees say about SAP. Bewgle also found more tidbits like the key contributor to ‘culture’ is having fun. SAP employees sure love the free pizza Thursdays! 🍕

Do you want to know what your employees think about your organization? Do you have a lot of verbatim text data you collected through the surveys but have no idea how to process it? Talk to us!

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